EOS is in TOP-15 in terms of trading volume but where is growth?

according to P_S_trade on trading view:

Considering that the previous global idea of ​​EOSUSDT has worked out, it’s time to update your thoughts.

If you compare EOS with other alts +/- with the same market cap, you might think that no one needs it.

Most of the alts, which carry something behind them, have grown by 60-70%, or even more percent from the May fall.
EOSUSD is still unable to creep to 50% of the high before the May drop.

Such sluggishness of EOS buyers is alarming, do investors really need it now, or maybe it has not yet dropped to the point where it would be profitable for them to buy in the long term?
What do you think about this situation, write in the comments.

At the moment, if the positive background for growth continues in the crypto market, the maximum target to which growth we see for Eos is around $7.30.
Well, if they throw in some news related to the founder of EOS and the exchange that he is launching, perhaps the price of EOSUSDT will shoot to $9.20 for a short time.
Above is not worth dreaming about, we do not see any prerequisites for this on the chart.

But from below, it is worth paying attention to the behavior of buyers in the area of ​​the same level of $3.50. If buyers show interest there in the coin and aggressively restrain the fall by buying at increased volumes, then there will be an increase up to $13
And if not …. well, let’s not talk about the bad) We believe in a bright future for Eos holders.


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